A ‘Hideaway’ is that nook that you retreat to that takes you away from the world.  Its that refuge that’s often synonymous with a sanctuary or shelter, but so much more intimate, so much more personal then that.  Hideaway Home is all of those things for myself and my family.  Personally, its that faraway dream I never quite knew if I would have the boldness to reach for.  Hideaway Home is a labor of love, a family undertaking and a chance to pursue that dream.  


For over a decade, I have had the idea for the business whispering in the back of my mind all while following a very practical career road that while challenging and financially rewarding, left me wanting. There was the deeply nagging knowing that I was going to look at my life someday and realize I had left something behind.  So with that, I finally listened to the whisper that pointed me down this path and launched Hideaway Home.  
Much of the inspiration for Hideaway Home comes from family.  My father and mother are both painfully talented people.  A master woodworker and an artist, both stifled by jobs that lacked in making them whole or exposing their talents.  Together we had spent years scouring, collecting, creating and restoring one of a kind pieces, all because we truly loved it.  To us, its the pieces with a story that create substance, that fuel creativity and stave off the everyday. We knew together that with our combined skill sets and true passion to follow this dream, we could make it a reality. 
So here we are overjoyed to bring to you an attainable, curated collection of home décor finds right here in Colorado.  Our goods are made, crafted and restored by a master craftsman with decades of experience to offer only the highest quality products...  we shy openly away from passing trends and DYI crafted workmanship.  

Our style bridges the gap between old and new. It walks the line between seamlessly current and reminiscent of a beautiful past.  It is the story that we strive for and the history is what we hold onto. It is one of a kind, perfectly crafted, tirelessly restored, unquestionably unique and ready to be apart of your Hideaway.  
This is our story.  

This is our sanctuary.  

Welcome to our dream.  

Welcome to Hideaway Home.